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When it comes to your family’s eye health, you want to be able to go to a place you can trust.  A place you can count on. A place that not only offers quality eye exams and products, but also exceptional customer service.  Each and every one of these things can be found when you visit our family owned eye center.


Family Owned Business

We are more than just your average franchised eye clinic.  We are a family owned business that is invested in and knowledgeable of all things related to eye care.  One of the greatest advantages of being family owned is that we have great control over the quality of the products we sell, as well as the customer service that this given.  We can hone in on the details of what makes your eye visit most enjoyable for your family.  There is time for us to listen and follow through with requests given by our clients, leading us into building long-standing relationships.

Building Lasting Relationships

As one of our top priorities, we highly value the relationships that we make with our clients.  We hope that this is reflected in our products as well as in our customer service.  Developing new and building on existing relationships is what allows us to continually provide the area with quality eye care. We are a family owned business and want to keep it that way.  Having familiar faces to greet you each time you come into our office helps to motivate this priority of building lasting relationships.  When you come back to a family business year after year, you don’t have to worry about recounting your eye health history because we already know all about it.  We understand where you have been and want you to be able to see the future as clearly as possible.

Quality Lenses & Frames

One of the other ways that we build lasting relationships with our clients is by providing them with high-quality lenses and frames.  We offer a large selection of name brand, top-of-the-line eyeglass frames and pair them with our unbeatable quality lenses. Making your eye wear the best of its kind. Being a smaller business means that we can pick and choose our product.  We only select products that meet our level of quality.  When selecting products to offer our customers, we know that it is a representation of ourselves. With this in mind, we meticulously select only the highest of quality.

Sure you can go to a local big box and get cheaper lenses or frames but you become just a number in their system and if you have issues with your frames or lenses, you will typically have more hassles to deal with. And well, let’s not forget the old adage, you get what you pay for. When you buy quality products, you are buying a product that is meant to last and provide longevity for your vision needs.

Quality customer service with family eye care business

Great Customer Service

To sum all of this up, we desire to provide excellent customer service.  We take very seriously everything that we do.  We want to ensure that our customers know that we truly care about their eyes.  We believe that thorough exams and quality lenses make a huge impact on your everyday life.  How well your eyes are taken care of directly reflects your quality of sight day in and day out.  We provide great customer service because we know how important the gift of sight is and the role it plays in experiencing the world.

Should you have any questions about your eye care or how our family run business, contact us today. If you value high quality products and care as well as top notch customer service, know that you have found your new eye care home.


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