We have been serving Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas for 65+ years.  Family owned and operated, we are very proud to say.  Robert Cassidy started this business in 1949 in the Medical Center of Houston.  He later moved the shop to Shepard, where we continued to do business for 29 years.  At which time, his daughter, Kathy Cassidy was the owner and had to move the shop to 2900 Westheimer Rd., when the building on Shepard was torn down.  That move was a scary, uncertain time.  We have now been at this location for over 21 years and our very dedicated clients followed.  We are very happy to say, we retained our clients and have gained so many more great clients through the years.  It's what we do...make lasting relationships with people.  Doing business with us, is knowing you will receive personal attention and top quality products and work, every time.  You will see the same faces EVERY TIME you come in.  Which means you will always be satisfied when you walk out our door.

Which leads me to introduce our Opticians, Gary Chamoff and Kim Fleeman.  Gary has been with our family for 35+ years.  He has extensive knowledge of lenses, coatings, eyeglass prescriptions and so much more.  He will be able to answer your questions and help you find exactly what you need.  Kim is the Granddaughter of Robert Cassidy and the daughter of Kathy Cassidy.  Kim has grown up in and around the business.  She joined us full time 20 years ago.  She also, has extensive knowledge of lenses, coatings, eyeglass prescription.  Both are fantastic at helping you find the right look for you.  They take into account, your lifestyle, type of work you do & the usage of your eyeglasses.  You will NEVER be sold something you do not need or want.  We stand behind our work and products.  Once you receive your new eyeglasses, we are here to answer questions, make adjustments and repairs as needed.
You will not be disappointed.