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We pride ourselves in offering the most recent advances in prescription, eyeglass lenses.  Our Opticians have extensive knowledge in lens designs, materials, and treatments.  We take the time to get to know each customer's prescription and lifestyle needs, so that we can make recommendations to fit each person's individual needs.

In today's world we are working smarter & longer, but your eyes are working harder than ever before.

Smart phones and tablets have become a useful essential to our lives.  But your eyes were not designed for these digital screens, or the constant refocusing from the screen that comes with frequent smart phone and tablet use.   This is why 70% of U.S. adults suffer from Digital Eye Strain.  If  you are wearing distance-only glasses, or none at all, you are not getting the relief you need.

There are Digital Lenses, designed specifically for your digital lifestyle.  These lenses give you a wide, clear view of the world around you, with an extra focusing power designed specifically for viewing digital devices. 
These lenses offer:   
  • Clarity for all activities, all day; 
  • Easier focusing on your devices; 
  • Relief from Digital Eye Strain
Below are things to know when selecting prescription eyeglass lenses:
Tints and Options